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Advance Your Therapy Skills: Exile Work in the IFS Model


Are you a skilled therapist ready to deepen your expertise in the IFS model? Our advanced workshop is designed just for you, focusing on the transformative practice of working with Exiles.

In the realm of Internal Family Systems (IFS), understanding and integrating Exiles is key to transformative therapy. These aspects of the client are often tucked away due to past traumas holding deep emotional burdens. Our training offers a profound journey to uncover these hidden parts, release their burdens, and harness their positive qualities for therapeutic breakthroughs.

Why Our Exile Training?

  • Specialised Focus: Dive deep into the nuances of Exile work within the IFS framework.
  • Transformative Techniques: Learn advanced strategies to guide clients in embracing and healing their Exiles.
  • Enhanced Therapeutic Impact: Unlock new healing and personal growth levels for your clients.

Is This Workshop for You? This exclusive training is for therapists who have completed the Concinnity 16-week IFS & SE training, IFS Circle, Stepping Stones, or other IFS programs. Your foundational IFS knowledge is essential for delving into this advanced content.

Take Your Practice to New Heights Embrace the opportunity to specialise in Exile work within IFS and make a profound impact in your therapeutic practice.

Register now for our advanced workshop and join a community of therapists committed to deep, transformative healing.

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Discover the Unique Benefits of Our Exiles Workshop:

Dive into a deeper understanding of Exiles within the IFS framework through our standout workshop. Here's what makes our training a must-attend event:

  • In-Depth Analysis: Explore how the internal system 'encysts' Exiles, allowing individuals to function despite deep-seated emotional pain.
  • Understanding Burdens: Uncover the intricate dynamics of 'burdens' - the emotional states and beliefs that Exiles carry.
  • Effective Techniques: Learn strategies to assist Exiles in releasing their burdens and rediscovering their true qualities.
  • Age Variations of Exiles: Gain insights into the different ages of exiles and how their wounding experiences shaped them.
  • Present-Centric Strategies: Master techniques to bring Exiles into the present, freeing them from being trapped in the past.

By joining our Exiles Workshop, you're not just signing up for a course - you're becoming part of a community dedicated to excellence and ethical practice in therapy. This workshop invests in your professional skillset and personal growth, providing a comprehensive understanding of Exiles that enhances both your practice and client outcomes.

Elevate Your Therapeutic Approach Embrace this opportunity to deepen your expertise working with Exiles.

Join our community of compassionate and skilled therapists striving for excellence.

Register for our workshop today and take a significant step in advancing your therapeutic practice.

Advanced Techniques

Through this workshop, you will acquire refined methods that empower you to address and heal Exiles effectively, thereby enhancing your therapeutic proficiency in the IFS model.

Community Engagement

By engaging in experiential exercises during the workshop, you will gain personal insight into your Exiles, a process that enhances both your professional practice and personal development.

Peer Collaboration

You'll have the opportunity to connect with a community of devoted IFS practitioners, thereby enhancing your professional network and opening doors for future collaborative opportunities.

Continual Learning Pathway

By participating in this workshop, you align yourself with a path of continued professional growth, fostering a commitment to ongoing development and excellence in your practice and personal life.

When Is The Training Being Held?


9:00 am - 12:00 pm - Four Week Duration

Your Investment NZ$500

This workshop is solely devoted to understanding and engaging with Exiles, a key element within the IFS model.

Next Training Friday 2nd February 2024

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Why Work With Angela?


With an impressive 30-year career in social work and therapy, Angela has consistently shown a dedication to her professional development and the well-being of others. Her commitment to alleviating human suffering manifests in her ongoing quest to acquire up-to-date, effective therapeutic techniques.

Angela understands the intricate balance that professionals must strike between financial considerations, self-improvement, and maintaining an updated practice, particularly in economically challenging times. This acute awareness informs the ethos of Concinnity, solidifying its reputation as a dependable source of affordable, advanced training for health professionals.

Concinnity's pieces of training are underpinned by the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, somatic practices, and polyvagal theory. By engaging with Angela, you are not merely enhancing your skill set; you are participating in a broader initiative to elevate public health and well-being. You, and subsequently your clients, will have the opportunity to benefit from some of the most effective, compassionate, and integrative therapeutic approaches in contemporary practice.