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Hello Beautiful...

Let me introduce myself.

A Passionate Pioneer in Health Professional Training


Professional Vision: Hello, I'm Angela, driven to provide accessible, up-to-date training and well-being services for health professionals. At Concinnity, our vision is to revolutionise healing by integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS), Somatic Embodiment (SE), and Polyvagal Theory into health practices.

My Journey: Traversing the globe for trauma training, I've invested in my professional development to combat outdated models and long waiting lists in healthcare services. My frustration birthed Concinnity – a platform for evidence-based, affordable, and accessible professional development.

Who I Am Professionally: As of 2021, I am proud to be New Zealand's first trauma therapist certified by Bessel van der Kolk and the Trauma Research Foundation. My toolkit includes Neuroscience, IFS, Polyvagal Theory, Safe and Sound Protocol®, HearMath®, Mindfulness, and more. I approach client work with a 'do no harm' ethos, and I am a lifelong learner committed to integrating IFS into everyday health practices.

Author and Innovator: I have authored three books, including 'Parts Of Me: A Kid’s Guide to Internal Family Systems'. I'm also the creator of The Advancing Protocol®, a neuroscience-based trauma-release process and a podcast host.

Leading Concinnity Group: As the director of Concinnity Group, I oversee two professional therapeutic services:

  • The Trauma Release Centre: We focus on neuroscience-based therapy.
  • Concinnity: Dedicated to supporting qualified health professionals in up-to-date training and well-being services.

Join Me on This Journey: As we continue to uncover the mysteries of the brain, body, and heart, I invite you to join me in this journey of discovery and growth.

In service, with abundant love and kindness,

Angela – Your colleague and cheerleader

Sharing The Love

Michele Tamaki

Angela is passionate about expanding her knowledge. She is dedicated to her purpose and hugely resilient. She learns through self-experiences and helps others facing the same issues. Angela is an expert at connecting with her inner Self. She keeps me focused on my task.

Arland Smith

My journey has been incredible. Angela did not judge me for who I am. I am very grateful for the excellent work you put into the world. Since I have experienced The Advancing Heart Protocol®, I have continued to improve my life and others I share my life with.

Jodie Reid

Angela, I find your love, passion, determination, and compassion inspirational. I find you an authority in creating a vision, pushing through it all and connecting to your higher self with so much strength is phenomenal. You made me feel stronger. I thank you xox