An Introduction To Internal Family Systems


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You want more than just training.

You need to feel like you're part of the learning process.

Become engaged, educated and empowered, and find confidence in your future practice.

Have The Confidence Your Internal Voice Is Heard

It's frustrating to attend training where someone goes too fast, doesn't allow interruptions, and doesn't listen to your part's perspective. Your internal voice matters at our workshops.

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Build A Vision For Your Life And Your Career

Creating a clear vision for your life and therapeutic career becomes the foundation for all your decisions once you connect with Parts of your system holding you back.

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Have Internal Harmony When Life Throws Curve Balls 

Concinnity's mission is to support you in accessing your internal system to boost your practice confidence, thrive in your life and love what you do EVERY day.

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"Brilliant teaching - very patient and not rushed but sticking to the timings laid out." Jenny Owen, Psychologist

"It's a modality I know will change mine and my client's lives." Anna McVeigh, Counsellor

"I liked the experiential aspect of it and that it was possible to ask questions any time. I found the teaching great, very clear, logical and concise." Andrea Maier

When Are The Workshops Held?

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December Workshop

Please register here for the 11th December Workshop from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. 

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February Workshop

Please register here for the 26th February Workshop from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. 

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Discover the Power of IFS: An Experiential Workshop for Health Professionals

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a revolutionary and transformative long-term healing methodology.


A powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy.


Are you interested in incorporating Internal Family Systems (IFS) into your practice?

Join us for an experiential workshop designed for health professionals and wellness coaches seeking to enhance their skills and understanding of IFS.


In this workshop, you will gain a fundamental understanding of IFS and learn how the method can be integrated with other modalities. Live demonstrations will be provided to access parts of the system, making this workshop an experiential and hands-on learning opportunity.


IFS is used by therapists, coaches, counsellors, social workers, teachers, and other professionals. It is an evidence-based practice focusing on clients' internal "parts" and "Self." IFS therapy takes a non-pathologising approach, emphasising the natural diversity of the mind and helping clients heal their wounded parts by accessing the Self.


Join us to become part of a supportive community of health professionals dedicated to transformative healing. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and take your practice to the next level.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the transformative power of IFS and enhance your professional practice.


"That is very successful for Addiction, PTSD & DID." Nicola Mayall, AOD Team Leader & Group Facilitator/ ACC Therapist

Why Train With Angela?


I know what it feels like to want cutting-edge, engaging training amid a global recession.

Trying to figure out your finances, your ongoing professional development plan and keeping your practice up to date can leave you feeling anxious, and finding the right training can be frustrating... 

I promise you that you will always be able to access excellent quality training at affordable prices to meet your professional and personal needs.

150+ IFS Hours

Over 150 Hours of In-person and Online IFS Training

IFS Clinical Supervisor

Fortnightly IFS Clinical Supervision and IFS Therapy

Certified Trauma Therapist

Certified Through The Trauma Research Foundation

Experienced Trainer

30 Years Of Clinical Practice And Training Professionals 

IFS Author & Resource Creator

Author of the Book Parts Of Me - An IFS Guide For Kids

"I thought seeing the experiential exercises in action was extremely valuable, and seeing the approach fit with people and work so quickly was amazing. I have started trying to explain to my clients about different parts of self now." Jenny Owen, Psychologist.


What Professionals Say About The IFS Workshop 

Kirstin - Clinical Psychologist

"The experiential component - it was finally great to see IFS in action. It has helped consolidate learning. Informative, taught at a good pace. I loved the workshop".

Amy - Grief Support

"I found the workshop incredibly helpful and one the best Professional Development events I have attended. I feel IFS will be a huge success with clients".

Jenny - Clinical Psychologist

"Seeing the experiential exercises in action was extremely valuable, and seeing the approach fit with people and work so quickly was amazing. Brilliant teaching".