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Accessing the Qualities Of Self Energy


A willingness to understand yourself at a deeper level. 


A sense of surety and your ability to handle difficult situations


Feeling kinship of people around you and your own internal system


Concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of yourself and others


Experiencing life's pleasures


A judgment-free sense of wonder about the world


The ability to handle life’s issues in a centred way 


Being able to see the world free of bias and distortions 

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 Below you can access the recording "Communicating With Protectors". I invite you to listen to this meditation as often as you can to become familiar with your protectors.


Navigating the intricacies of therapeutic work often demands more than skill; it requires self-awareness and emotional equilibrium. I am excited to introduce you to this resource that will guide you in accessing and understanding your own 'protectors' within the Internal Family Systems (IFS) context.


Why This Resource Is Vital for Therapists

As professionals, we are not immune to the influence of our internal systems, including the protectors that safeguard our emotional well-being. Gaining awareness and insight into these internal protectors can deepen our presence in the therapy room, enhancing the efficacy and compassion of our work.

Key Benefits

  1. Self-Awareness: Learn to identify and explore your internal protectors, deepening your self-understanding to augment your professional capabilities.
  2. Improved Client Engagement: An increased understanding of your internal dynamics often leads to a more nuanced and effective therapeutic approach, fostering a stronger alliance with clients.
  3. Emotional Resilience: Equip yourself with the tools to manage emotional transference and countertransference, promoting a balanced and resilient professional state.

Your client work is only as impactful as your understanding of your internal landscape. This recording serves as a valuable guide for therapists seeking to refine their practice and cultivate a deeper professional self-awareness.

Take this opportunity to enrich your therapeutic toolbox and enhance the depth of your practice.


Therapist Parts Series
Communicating With Protectors

Two further steps on your Journey Home®

The Journey Home¬ģ Book

Accessing Self Energy

Accessing 'Self Energy' is a fundamental concept within Internal Family Systems (IFS) and essential for therapists and clients. Self Energy is our innate healing power, characterised by compassion, clarity, creativity, calmness, and curiosity. When we tap into this resource, we create a therapeutic environment where the practitioner and client can engage more authentically.

Recognising and setting aside our 'protectors'‚ÄĒthe sub-personalities that often shield us from emotional vulnerability‚ÄĒallows Self Energy to emerge. This allows for more genuine therapeutic interactions and deeper levels of healing, empowering us to approach even the most challenging psychological issues with balance and resilience.

Accessing Self Energy is not just a technique but a transformative practice that enhances the overall efficacy and depth of therapeutic work.

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The Journey Through IFS

On the path to your return Journey Home¬ģ

 The Journey through IFS is an invaluable resource specifically designed to support therapists in the exploration and understanding of their own internal 'parts' within the framework of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. Recognising that therapists are not just facilitators but also active participants in the therapeutic process, this tool provides a range of techniques for effectively accessing and communicating with one's parts.

The Journey through IFS enriches your therapeutic practice by helping you cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, thereby equipping you to form stronger, more empathic relationships with your clients.

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What you will learn on the path of your Journey Home¬ģ

To Be Compassionate

Start the journey to build a relationship with your "Therapist" Parts

Not To Spiritual Bypass

Offering Love and Light is harmful to Parts and can hinder your healing and show up in your therapy room

How to Access Parts

Giving you tools and resources to access your internal system