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Welcome to the Practice Corner: Dynamic IFS Resources at Your Fingertips!

As a committed health professional, therapist, or coach, keeping your practice at the forefront of therapeutic techniques is crucial. Our Practice Corner is dedicated to evolving with your needs, offering a growing selection of specialized IFS PDF books. These resources are carefully chosen to deepen your expertise and practical application of IFS.

Coming Soon: IFS Meditations! We're excited to soon expand our collection with a series of IFS-focused meditations, designed to enhance both your personal growth and professional practice.

Why the Practice Corner?

Current and Comprehensive: Our resources are continually updated, providing you with the latest in IFS strategies and insights.

Practical and Insightful: Every PDF is crafted to deepen your understanding and application of IFS principles.

Flexibility in Learning: With digital access, learn and reference these materials at your convenience.

Elevate your IFS practice with resources that grow alongside your professional journey. Visit the Practice Corner today to explore our selection, and stay tuned for our upcoming IFS meditations. Your pathway to enhanced IFS expertise and practice development starts here!


Gain insight into healthy personal boundaries in relationships with Internal Family Systems. Utilise the provided worksheet to identify, understand, and communicate boundaries clearly and respectfully for more fulfilling relationships.

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Childhood Messages

This resource explores the impact of childhood messages on self-image and decision-making. It encourages recognising and challenging negative beliefs, leading to a more positive self-image and choices aligned with true desires and values.

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Growth Mindset

This Internal Family Systems resource explores how our parts hold beliefs about our abilities and the impact of a fixed versus a growth mindset. We can shift towards a more beneficial growth mindset by listening to the internal commentary and identifying the parts holding these beliefs.

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Our Best Friend

This resource, from an Internal Family Systems perspective, highlights the importance of self-compassion during difficult times. It encourages acknowledging and caring for ourselves as we would for others. The worksheet helps to cultivate self-compassion by working with our different parts, sitting with difficult emotions, and practising self-care activities.

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Parts in the Beginning

This Internal Family Systems workbook explores the creation and functions of parts that help us cope with life experiences. The four roles of protection, coping, adaptation, and self-regulation are identified, providing insight into managing internal experiences and improving our psychological functioning.

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PartsĀ Mapping

This resource explains how mapping your parts can promote personal growth and emotional healing by illuminating your protective system, clarifying relationships between parts, and identifying central and peripheral parts. It provides an effective method for mapping using sticky notes and encourages ongoing tracking of internal work.

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The Self is an important concept in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and represents a core aspect of our being characterised by compassion, curiosity, and clarity. This resource explores different methods for accessing the Self, including meditation, journaling, and movement practices, promoting healing and growth.

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Learn how to work with your protective parts to overcome problems from an Internal Family Systems perspective. Develop a compassionate relationship with yourself by recognising underlying emotions and beliefs. Use the included worksheet to prepare for triggers and identify early signs of relapse.

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Somatic IFS

Our somatic Internal Family Systems (IFS) resource integrates IFS and somatic experiencing techniques to recognise the connection between the mind and body. Explore principles, styles, and strategies for healing trauma and promoting emotional regulation by working with your internal parts. Purchase now and invest in your emotional well-being.

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Speaking For A Part

This IFS therapy resource explores how to differentiate between speaking from a Part and speaking for a Part to develop self-awareness and manage internal experiences effectively. Learn to acknowledge the positive intent of every part and work towards internal harmony and integration for greater healing and growth.

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