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Professional Development 
Let's journey this together. Our PD framework can help you create the life and career you love


Thriving Professional

You don’t have it all figured out by yourself.  You’re not the professional you’d like to be. You'd like to step up as a leader in your field. Commitment, energy, innovation, impact, purpose… these (and more) are possible for you. They may be your most important work.

Most of us don’t do our best growth in a vacuum of stress. We aren’t good at seeing our blindspots or finding new solutions when we’re staring at the same variables day after day. We can help you find your way out of stuck. We can help you become the best professional and best human you know.

Professional Development Framework
Internal Family Systems At Our Core


Well-being Solutions




Supervision/Peer Groups


Internal Family Systems

We lead the field in Professional Development Workshops by supporting you in Self Leadership.


Integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS) into your practice and everyday life allows you to get to the core of your purpose, practice, and problems and equips you with the tools to quickly get to the heart of your client's challenges. It's a Win/Win framework.

Workplace Support  - Changing The Game In Professional Wellbeing

The real global pandemic is stress and anxiety. So don't be another statistic. Instead, empower yourself or your team to reach their full potential with our evidence-based approach to well-being.


We provide neuroscience solutions for you when your personal or work-related issues surface that impact your ability to function effectively in the workplace.


Employees work with an actual live therapist and get access to resources alongside therapy sessions that meet their individual needs.

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Professional Supervision

Supervision is essential to sustain good practice throughout your working life. Our professional supervision provides you with regular and ongoing opportunities to reflect in depth about all aspects of your practice through an IFS lens to work as effectively, safely, and ethically as possible. Integrating IFS into the supervision model also sustains the personal resourcefulness required to undertake the work.

Peer Support Humanising
Health Professionals

Peer support harnesses interprofessional relationships to activate professional change. It embodies widely recognised person-centred principles – professional choice and empowerment, strengths-based problem-solving, and support that is adaptive to your needs as a health professional as you navigate your practice and life.


By demystifying our professions and supporting each other in the ways that matter, peer support creates a safe environment that puts you at the centre of your practice.

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