Workshop: Working with Inner Critics 

Mastering the Inner Critics: An Advanced IFS Workshop for Therapists


Designed exclusively for seasoned therapists, this workshop is your gateway to mastering the Inner Critics within the IFS model. It’s tailored for those who have completed our 16-week IFS & SE training, IFS Circle, Stepping Stones, or equivalent IFS training. Your foundational skills from these programs are essential for this advanced exploration.

Deepen Your Therapeutic Skills: In this immersive workshop, you’ll engage with advanced techniques for addressing Inner Critics, a critical aspect of the IFS framework. This experience is designed to:

  • Expand your understanding of Inner Critics.
  • Enhance your ability to navigate these critical parts in therapy.
  • Amplify your clinical impact with refined, specialised strategies.

Who Is This Workshop For? This workshop is a perfect fit if you’ve completed the Concinnity 16 Week IFS & SE training, IFS Circle, Stepping Stones, or other comprehensive IFS training. Your prior experience is vital for delving into the advanced content of this workshop.

Take Your IFS Practice to New Heights: Are you ready to deepen your expertise and transform your approach to Inner Critics? Join us in this advanced workshop and elevate your therapeutic practice. Secure your spot today and become part of a dynamic learning community committed to clinical excellence in IFS.

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Discover the Unique Edge of Our Inner Critic Workshop:



Join us for an in-depth exploration into the world of Inner Critics within the IFS framework. Our workshop offers a rare opportunity to:

  • Deepen your expertise in a crucial area of therapy.
  • Broaden your clinical skills with innovative strategies.
  • Enhance your effectiveness in facilitating transformative change.

Choosing our workshop means more than just learning; it's about becoming part of a community dedicated to the highest standards of excellence and ethical practice. Here, you’ll gain a compassionate and profound understanding of Inner Critics, leading to significant advancements in both your professional skills and personal insight.

Elevate Your Practice with Us Step into a space where professional growth and personal discovery intersect. Our Inner Critic Workshop is not just a learning experience, but a journey towards greater therapeutic mastery. Join us, and become part of a community that champions excellence in therapy. Let's transform your approach to Inner Critics together.

Specialised Focus

We engage with the Inner Critics, focusing on the concept, role, and therapeutic interaction, enriching therapeutic understanding.

Experiential Learning

Our training is interactive, and experiential, with live demonstrations, and practice sessions, for both witnessing and active participation.

Peer Collaboration

Connect with a community of devoted IFS practitioners to enhance your professional network and collaborative opportunities.

Continual Learning Pathway

We align with a path of continued professional growth, fostering a commitment to ongoing development and excellence.

When Is The Training Being Held?


12:30 - 3:30 pm

Your Investment NZ$500

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to hone your skills, deepen your understanding, and enrich your practice.

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Next Training Friday 08th February 2024

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Why Work With Angela?

With an impressive 30-year career in social work and therapy, Angela has consistently shown a dedication to her professional development and the well-being of others. Her commitment to alleviating human suffering manifests in her ongoing quest to acquire up-to-date, effective therapeutic techniques.

Angela understands the intricate balance that professionals must strike between financial considerations, self-improvement, and maintaining an updated practice, particularly in economically challenging times. This acute awareness informs the ethos of Concinnity, solidifying its reputation as a dependable source of affordable, advanced training for health professionals.

Concinnity's pieces of training are underpinned by the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, somatic practices, and polyvagal theory. By engaging with Angela, you are not merely enhancing your skill set; you are participating in a broader initiative to elevate public health and well-being. You, and subsequently your clients, will have the opportunity to benefit from some of the most effective, compassionate, and integrative therapeutic approaches in contemporary practice.