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At Concinnity, we specialise in helping health professionals thrive. Our tailored training programs in Internal Family Systems, Trauma-Informed Care, and Somatic Embodiment ensure you provide the best care to your clients while maintaining your well-being.

Discover a harmonious approach to professional development with Concinnity.

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"The issue in New Zealand is training for healthcare workers doesn’t focus enough on prevention" Toni Laming

Hello! I'm Angela Carter, the visionary behind Concinnity, and I aim to offer my assistance and support. My expertise lies in harnessing the power of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Somatic Embodiment to unlock new, innovative pathways for you within the therapy realm.

Being one of New Zealand's pioneer certified trauma therapists, certified by Bessel Van der Kolk and the Trauma Research Foundation and deeply committed to the principles of IFS, my focus centres on the mental well-being of healthcare professionals and their clients.

My background is a rich blend of diverse training encompassing social work, therapeutic practice, and extensive experience in the trenches of real-world applications. With this unique combination, I am well-equipped to guide you to break free from any barriers holding you back.

Together, we can explore fresh perspectives and approaches to facilitate your growth and your clients' healing.

You can find out more about my story here.

30 Years Of Supporting Clients and Professionals

26,000 Hours

One-on-One Client Work

8,000 Hours

Professional Supervision

350 Hours

Annual Professional Development

150+ Hours 

Internal Family Systems Training

"Persistently high workloads and, therefore, stress levels can have, and are having, a negative impact on the physical and mental well-being of our health professionals." Time To Care Report


What Professionals Say About Concinnity 

Sophia - Social Worker

"Through my training with Concinnity, I experienced a profound transformation. The usual negative thoughts about not being good enough or knowledgeable enough, which many of us in healthcare battle with, were cleared from my mind. The techniques I learned helped me release these limiting beliefs, leading to an immediate sense of peace with myself and my professional capabilities. This newfound clarity and confidence have not only enhanced my personal well-being but have significantly improved the way I approach client care. Concinnity's approach has been a game-changer in how I perceive and practice healthcare."

Annie - First Responder

"Participating in Concinnity's therapeutic approach has been a transformative experience for my career as a frontline ambulance officer. The skills and insights I gained have replaced my self-doubt with a newfound confidence. I no longer go to work burdened by feelings of inadequacy. The constant second-guessing that used to dominate my thoughts has given way to a clear, focused mindset. This change has uplifted my morale and noticeably enhanced my performance and decision-making in critical situations. Thanks to Concinnity, I approach each shift with a sense of competence and readiness that was previously overshadowed by uncertainty."

Nicola - AOD Team Leader

"I recently attended Angela’s workshop focused on Addiction, PTSD, and DID, and I was impressed by the tangible outcomes. Angela’s engaging approach and positive energy created a learning environment that was not only informative but also highly interactive. As a health professional, I found the practical strategies and insights particularly valuable. The workshop equipped me with new tools and approaches that have already made a significant difference in how I work with my clients. Angela’s expertise in these areas is evident, and her ability to facilitate dynamic, participant-focused sessions is truly commendable."