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Workplace Wellbeing

Health Practitioners are smart.  They want innovative well-being solutions

Six main areas can lead to work-related stress for health professionals if they are not appropriately managed. These are demands, control, support, relationships, role, and change. In today's ever-changing environment, professionals say they need help to cope with the demands of their job.

The Advancing Heart Protocol


Works with the parasympathetic and limbic systems to create coherence between the left and right brain hemispheres, body, and heart.

Science Based

 Evidence-based studies through the HeartMath Institute and neuroscience principles underpin the protocol.


Releases the cellular-based reactive response and encodes safety back in the system. Self-regulating becomes a natural response.

How can you experience a successful career and a healthy home life?


At CONCINNITY, we strive to satisfy all our client’s needs by providing them with comprehensive and high-quality well-being services. Each individual has unique needs, requiring a specific combination of activities or interventions to help them find a work-life balance. 

We ONLY focus on long term efficacy.

Psychology models alone are ineffective for managing stress, anxiety, or burnout. When the brain is overloaded, adding talking therapy creates overwhelm and can be damaging. Talking therapies draw attention to bias, false beliefs, and poor inferences, making people feel worse about themselves. If we focus only on 'cognitive distortions,' we are setting people up to fail.

Science knows we are systemic beings and we need to work with all systems, neurological, biological and psychological for long term successful outcomes. 


Client experience after one session

Annie, New Zealand

"My work as a frontline ambulance officer has been enhanced by this process. I now go to my work without feeling like I'm no good at my job."

Fiona, Australia

"I enjoy the process, it is straight forward. I felt lighter and easier. I have not felt as on edge, about being judged for everything I say or do."

Laura, Spain

"It’s unbelievable how fast the emotions can be shifted. Angela is very gifted and works efficiently to change these emotions with ease."
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